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Drummer Site Rules

Post  Drumboy285 on Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:19 am

Don't Spam. Spam here is counted as posting off-topic, gibberish, or anything without at least one line of text.

Be kind/don't flame. Use the Golden Rule- Treat others how you would want to be treated and don't purposely insult others.

Don't post illegal/innapropriate content. This includes anything that was not gathered from an official source (the source of information must be given if directly copied) or anything that can't be shown on T.V.

Don't double post/bump topics. Only Moderators and Administrators can do this and only if it is needed. If a topic is important enough, it will be stickied.

Post in regular sized text. You can post all in one color but please don't post in a different size unless it is part of a Thread Title. Also, only a few words can be made bold/italicized at a time.

Don't ask to become a Mod/Admin. This is not allowed unless in a private message to me or another admin with a detailed reason of why.

Post in the correct section. Anything related to a specific topic should go in its section.

Don't post simply commenting on another post. By this I mean that you shouldn't post things like "I know right?" and you don't need to post sorry's or thank-you's either.

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