Slingerland 4 pc. Drum Set -1965 Mahogany Finish

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Slingerland 4 pc. Drum Set -1965 Mahogany Finish

Post  mafiafran on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:35 am

Stock Number: VI-2936
SOLD! 4 pc., 1965 ink date stamp, mahogany stain refinished maple exterior. Sizes: 14x22 bass, 8x12 & 14x14 toms, 5x14 matching 6 lug snare drum. Toms and snare have chromed brass rims. Bass drum rims have been replaced. Vintage, woody tone!

Condition: Excellent++ to Excellent/Mint!

This vintage Slingerland drum set is for sale at best offer over $1350. This means that we are requesting offers above this amount. Please enter your bid in the "Bid Field" below, then click the "Add Item to Cart" button. We will contact you promptly once your bid is received. Payment will not be processed until final approval is made on the bid price between you and Vintage Drum Center.

Brand: Slingerland
Our Price: $1350.00
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For more information, or to order by phone
call: 1-800-729-3111 or 641-693-8691
Mon-Fri, 9-5pm central time.


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